Week 6 – Exhibition Thoughts

Having created an exhibition before of the basic ‘white wall’ type I’m not against trying something radical and different. Thinking of alternatives I’m still planning on using laminar flowing water, putting that into work is another thing as I have to create the perfect flow, also the scale of it is another problem, and creating … Continue reading Week 6 – Exhibition Thoughts

Week 3 – Developing Ideas

Refresh; refresh refers to the renewal properties of water but also the need to refresh our thoughts on the conservation of water. The project aims to show the ever renewing ability of water and its importance to Earth but also its vulnerability. The project aims to show this element in its purest forms, but also … Continue reading Week 3 – Developing Ideas

Strategies – Planning

Thinking about what strategies I will use on this project, I’ve summed up a few points on which I’d like to focus on: To create an immersive other world with unfamiliar lighting, landscape and characteristics To evoke an emotional response from the viewer To evolve and grow my project   Unless the project goes in … Continue reading Strategies – Planning