Exhibition Planning and Preparing

Exhibition Briefing Exhibiting in my old home area of Herefordshire I will be taking part in an event called H.Art. This event combines many different crafts and arts people for 9 days of travelling and exploring. I will be collaborating with the Brockington Studio which is hosting the event in their village. Currently there are … Continue reading Exhibition Planning and Preparing

Week 6 – Exhibition Thoughts

Having created an exhibition before of the basic ‘white wall’ type I’m not against trying something radical and different. Thinking of alternatives I’m still planning on using laminar flowing water, putting that into work is another thing as I have to create the perfect flow, also the scale of it is another problem, and creating … Continue reading Week 6 – Exhibition Thoughts

Week 5 – Roadmap

Title of Work: Spiritual Roads Keywords: Cleansing, Spiritual, Water, Renewal, Minds Methods and Methodology: To show the cleansing abilities on our consciousness and soul by water. Immersing into rivers and waterfalls, capturing the ever flowing and ever renewal features of water. Also now exploring spirtual and religious links to water and why water is used, … Continue reading Week 5 – Roadmap

Week 4 – Hands Off

Without using tools familiar to myself, initially I thought about this task by using screenshots from games that revolve around being underwater or exploration such as Subnautica or Skyrim. Instead I’ve decided to use a website called Magic Sea Weed whose main use is providing information about beaches and the coastal waters. Seeing as the … Continue reading Week 4 – Hands Off

Week 3 – Collaboration

This week’s agenda was focused on Collaboration to create Zines, unfortunately I haven’t been available for a while so have missed out on this activity but will be creating my own zine when I get the chance as practice. I have collaborated with others in photography in the past for projects relating to mental/physical health. … Continue reading Week 3 – Collaboration

Is a Photo Ever Truly Finished?

Is a photo ever finished? The idea isn’t and neither is a photo. A photographic idea has a large possibility of being evolved into something further and new, an idea can be the most complex thing and has an infinite amount of possibilities. A photo I’d argue also has an infinite amount of possibilities, the … Continue reading Is a Photo Ever Truly Finished?

The Usage of Other Photographs

Funnily enough I deal with a similar topic to this situation quite regularly with the action sports photography, my opinion on this is if it’s used for social purposes where no money is made I’m all good with people using it, for example, showing a friend the photo or using it on Facebook, free publicity … Continue reading The Usage of Other Photographs