Boomoon – Stopping Time with Nature

Boomoon’ ‘Skogar’ series of 300 photos centers around the waterfall Skogar Falls. Boomoon describes the project as “the encounter between the horizontal and the vertical axes and everything that happens in between”. The series all has the same perspective, two thirds falling water and the bottom third the horizon. Each photo is cropped to avoid … Continue reading Boomoon – Stopping Time with Nature

Ryan Pernofski – Comforting the Disturbed Through Music and Video

Ryan Pernofski’s work of capturing the ocean waves in slow motion is made for the purpose of comforting the disturbed. Collaborating not with people but with nature, Pernofski creates high speed videos with added music that enhances the experience, further immersing the viewer into the work through more sensory interactions with the viewer. The videos … Continue reading Ryan Pernofski – Comforting the Disturbed Through Music and Video

Spirit of a Nation

As part of investigating the spiritual influence water has on us, I’ve been looking into how certain areas may give off different effects. For myself Wales has always been a country of song, religion and industry to name a few. Where there may be specific influences for other people in the same place, Wales’s wildland … Continue reading Spirit of a Nation

Will o’ the Wisps

Will o’ the Wisps may be just a folk legend but is partially related to this project. The ghostly light mainly seen over swamps and marshes resembles a flickering light. Described by ‘The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language’ as a “hope or goal that leads one on but is impossible to reach”, this … Continue reading Will o’ the Wisps