Week 8 – My Photographs as ‘Messages’

Considering how my work is predominantly landscape and underwater, the message I try to convey relates to exploration and renewal of that spark for the new. I have always thought of underwater photography as a dive into another world and has always attracted me more than above the water. As I dive below the water, … Continue reading Week 8 – My Photographs as ‘Messages’

Week 5 – Gazing at Photographs

This week's topic is based around the photographers gaze, how we interpret an image depending on the scene, the subject and landscape in relation to how our ideology is persuaded and developed. My own photographic gaze is initially directed towards the technical side and the light of a photo or lack of light. Further reading … Continue reading Week 5 – Gazing at Photographs

Week 4 – Into the Image World

The Intent of My Work Exploring the unique has always been my main drive to go further, the curiosity to discover something new or rediscover a feeling I get from a location. The ideas people get from discovery has driven people on for centuries, discovering the world underwater then is my adventure. The dynamic environments … Continue reading Week 4 – Into the Image World

Week 3 – Constructed Realities

Dorothea Lange - Migrant Mother Dorothea Lange's 'Migrant Mother' was a symbol of the Great Depression, an impactful sight of a struggling family. Its effectiveness of showing the vulnerable children and the single parent showed the strength of the mother in desperate times. The description of the situation by Lange regards it as not a … Continue reading Week 3 – Constructed Realities

Week 2 – Authenticity of a Photograph

Looking at how photos can be manipulated so easily in this technological age, it's easy to see how truth in photos can be tested. I'm an avid follower of display and graphical technology, not too long ago Nvidia released information on a new technology called GAN 2.0 or Generative Adversarial Network. This tech can generate … Continue reading Week 2 – Authenticity of a Photograph

Week One Activity – Informing Contexts

Activity - A brief commentary that identifies the inherent characteristics and contexts of the'photographic' nature of your own practice If I had to describe myself as a photographer it'd be that of a landscape photographer to generalise it down. Searching within my photographic practice however would bring up ideas of spirituality, the power of nature, … Continue reading Week One Activity – Informing Contexts