Guillaume Néry – Discovering a Different World

Guillaume Néry is a French freediving champion, later turned to create films underwater whilst freediving. Inspired to discover the wonders of the underwater world, Néry and his team created the film 'One Breath Around The World'. The idea came from the stories of others walking around the world alone, they thought why not show the … Continue reading Guillaume Néry – Discovering a Different World

Short Film Progression – PHO704 Reflection, Visual Ideas, Objectives,

Reflecting on PHO704 Short Film I've watched my short film after an extended period of time again, as this provides a different state of mind and seems to show parts that stand out. Through watching it I've found parts that I like and others I'd change for PHO705. Though the film was created with a … Continue reading Short Film Progression – PHO704 Reflection, Visual Ideas, Objectives,

Lynda Laird – Multimedia Story

Lynda Laird's 'Dans Le Noir' (In the Dark) creates a story that portrays the emotions linked with the anniversary of Operation Overlord. It involves a multimedia format including photos, videos, military strategic maps and diaries of resistance members. The photographs are reinforced with the colour of red dominating throughout yet the bunkers are colourless and … Continue reading Lynda Laird – Multimedia Story

Figurative Art – Underwater

Figurative art retains aspects of the real world as the subject matter and is predominantly matched to paintings. Commonly distorted it applies to art before abstract art and can also be seen in some photography although not directly linked. The meaning is very similar to other terms and where it is linked more towards paintings, … Continue reading Figurative Art – Underwater

Meaghan Ogilvie – Awareness of Water

Meaghan Ogilvie's work focuses on our relationship to nature and where we find ourselves within that relationship during a period of rapid ecological change. For twelve years Ogilvie has been practicing underwater photography, experiencing the physical, spiritual and emotional impacts it gives. Her fascination with nature being at the forefront of the work, leading onto … Continue reading Meaghan Ogilvie – Awareness of Water

Sophie Calle ‘Voir la Mer’

Sophie Calle's 'Voir la Mer' or 'Seeing the Sea' is published as a book and fourteen 5 minute videos in collaboration with Caroline Champetier. The work of the two artists invites the viewer to experience seeing the sea for the first time through Istanbul's residence who've never seen the sea. The videos capture each person … Continue reading Sophie Calle ‘Voir la Mer’

Week 11 – Defining My Visual Language

Define your visual language. Defining my visual language I’ve thought of it as a few visual components and a work in progress. With this module my visual language has developed drastically from previous modules. By including myself in many of my photos I’ve unlocked the possibilities to include a greater personal aspect to my work, … Continue reading Week 11 – Defining My Visual Language