Project Development – October

Photo Progression

My last progression post back in August was before I possessed a drysuit and just acquired a dome port, I can say with a great amount of confidence that I should have brought a drysuit years ago! It absolutely makes a difference and has enabled me to experiment with different photo ideas I have written down.

Since then I have refined my ideas down further, including more of the journey to the falls, the various emotions I take to the falls and experience whilst immersed but also working with patterns and textures. Unfamiliar patterns and textures add to the relatability of that emotion depicted. A soft wall of water emits a calm presence, a portrait disfigured by water as a progression of becoming absorbed into nature in a desperate attempt to heal, unable to breath, see, hear, smell or feel, I show trying to start anew.

Light differences has also been a huge factor in the self portraiture, working with direct, overcast, night and torrential rain resulting in flooding, I aim to capture a variety of emotions through them. Through including nature alone, the photos depict part of the journey to clarity, an explosion of bubbles carrying light into the abyss, or the dark and cold path to follow. I included myself a lot more in this project, although not in detail as some emotions aren’t crystal clear. Making this project unique to myself and the fortify that this is a personal project I pushed the emphasis on including myself, linking the journey to my own.

Currently I am standing on 63 photos that I need to refine down to 12-20 for the FMP submission which is going to be the hardest part so far. I will select the few that tell the story of releasing the build up of emotions from todays world through nature.

Short Film Progression, Audio and Inspiration

Currently the visual portion of the short film is progressing well and is on track but the one thing holding it back is the audio. I feel that it does not provide the visual side justice and needs further experimenting so I will only be submitting the photo portion for the FMP and not the short film, that will be uploaded on my website at a later date.

As a effort to find a solution, I am expanding my research into audio art by looking exclusively at hydrophone usage and underwater manipulation. In a past blog post I looked at 2 artists (Dark Morph and Robertina Sebjanic) who have inspired me to experiment with dramatic manipulation of underwater audio tracks.

The Current Plan as of 13th October 2020

Exhibition wise I will dedicate my website to this project for a period of time over Christmas. I have a line of contact with a local gallery in the Brecon Beacons for a potential exhibition early next year depending on covid.

Workshops are going to be a big part of my work, expressing the healing effects of being entirely immersed into nature and capturing it through photography. I would love to guide people on their own journey to the cleansing waterfalls and safely experience its power. This year I have experiences the publics disrespect for the danger of waterfalls, walking straight into them and falling below the water into hidden caves, or jumping from the falls into shallow water. I believe guiding people is a step to educating them of the dangers faced, especially during times of rain where flood waters can trap people within 10 minutes.

Photo prints are going to be a large part of this project, sharing little care packages of photos to galleries to express my work and future potential exhibitions are in the works. Selling this work to become self-sufficient is the current plan but it is a long road. The 1st part of the plan is to simple communicate with various platforms and sites such as Visit Wales and The River Trust. Working with charities and local businesses I believe is important and a step in the right direction to becoming a professional.

Reviewing of work from photographers and curators is very welcome and a morale boost, since talking with Joanna Lentini I have a drive to push my work further. Not only in developing it further but expanding outwards from my website and exhibitions, but to work with/for corporations and groups to spread its influence. As a person that prefers to talk face to face this will be a big step to solely work online as we are still shielding due to past medical concerns and family.



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