In Public Sight – Website – Final Project Title

This website is my main photographic site which had photos from the project in progress, hence WiP. I have also settled on the project title of ‘Invisible’ for being invisible from the outside world behind the waterfalls, and the issues faced being invisible.

I setup ‘Invisible’ to be the first option for people to select when viewing the website. I also included a description of what the project is about, and ordered the photos in which I think they should be, roughly 50+ photos out of the 63 finals. I decided on the tiled viewing format as there is quite a few photos to view, they can also be viewed individually by clicking and moving onto the next with the arrow keys. The black and white theme to the background and text is to keep it simple and highlight the photos.

It has been setup for general viewing so there is no password required and is quite easy to reach with only 2 clicks to the page. I will continue to refine margins on the page and play around with viewing formats, but this will be where I direct people to view my work, being personal to me. I am figuring out if Adobe Portfolio allows information to be added to each photo when clicked on to view, this would allow for a bit of story telling about the project.

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