Tim Simmons – Artificial Light in the Environment

Tim Simmons creates photos combining artificial and natural lighting resulting in an ethereal tone through the shape of light in the landscape. Light sources emanating from natural locations place them in the unfamiliar, a unknown atmosphere from what we know.

Simmons has been photographing since the late 90s, working as a commercial photographer until 2005. Since then Simmons dedicated his practice to art and enrolled for a MA in Fine Art in 2013, graduating in 2015. Exhibiting around the UK and the world, Simmons’s work has been shown in contemporary art galleries and exhibitions since with projects mostly focused on the landscape encountered.

Figure 1

I was very interested with how Simmons uses artificial light in the natural environment, creating harsh and soft shadows but also additional highlights making larger depth. Having experimented briefly with artificial lighting (until the bag ripped and soaked my led light), I found that having it immersed into the water diffused the light on the surface and above.

Figure 2

The whole scene seems diffused with small amounts of light creating an entrancing landscape, could also say its romantic. This could also be the effect of the C type print and the film used but it does look noticeably different from digital photographs.

Something that perplexes me about Simmons photographs, particularly in figure 3 is the light appears to originate from the water, yet the top of the rock is illuminated to the right of it. Perhaps a direct light is pointed at the water to create the effect, but the shadows from the other side of the rock pool say it emanates from the water. Very intriguing and perhaps it was a long exposure but just shows how the landscape reacts to artificial light. Unfortunately waterfalls tend to push around heavy tripods with the camera gear on top, having a steady light without holding it is quite impossible without additional weights.

Figure 3




Figure 1 and 2



Figure 3

Tim Simmons

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