Presentation Ideas

I plan to present the project over a period of time and through multiple media outlets including, exhibitions, dedicated website and mental health related companies. I’ve considered social media but that is still on the fence for effectiveness of experiencing the content.

Nearing the end of the year with 4 months to go, physical exhibitions are still a no with Covid lingering on. I will still plan a physical exhibition for when the all clear is given, that way when I go to present my idea to exhibition sites I’ll have a more thorough presentation to persuade with.


Photos, videos, map?, voice over/text

I think a large portion of these presentation ideas will be decided with the virtual exhibition plan. Including a map and text for example, will only be present on the dedicated website, exhibitions and a book. Whereas the photos will be present in all showings, videos and voice over in all except the book. So far I have designed an exhibition based purely just on the photos but will test video, maps and text soon. I enjoy larger prints with a small border as it is easier to become immersed, compare it to watching a movie at the cinema vs a tv.

I am never sure whether to include text or not with photos, it is only when viewed physically or in this case in the virtual exhibition, will I be able to decide. As for the text itself I’ve collected various quotes from people who’ve experienced depression and social anxiety to show with my work. With the photos I intend to match quotes to the photos as an aid for viewing. I have noticed that some people don’t need the text to understand the photos, but it reinforces the idea for those who do not understand.

An example of text with images, I have looked through ‘Another Water’ by Roni Horn and the usage of text as if a conversation is quite interesting. The random bits of text relating to the river/water seem taken from peoples conversations about the water or events that have happened. There’s also a page every now and then that divides the work, it shows text about the suicides of people in London on the river. This creates the tone for viewing the work quite vividly and sets an obvious path to follow with the work.

Update on presenting the project with a map, I have decided to still test the inclusion of the map with the work. Still on the fence on how it will add to the effectiveness of the project, but showing the path to the waterfalls may present the idea of a journey relating to the journey through depression.


Virtual Exhibition/Physical Exhibition

Creating a virtual exhibition plan means I have no limits on how big to make the photos, if I were to restrict to boundaries I’d want the images to cover the majority of the wall in height. I take inspiration from past exhibition experiments with A1 frames and prints, and the enjoyment of seeing them printed large. Also Wolfgang Tillman’s exhibition at Maureen Paley demonstrates how his large frames and photos work effectively in a large space alongside smaller photos.

Having spent time examining other exhibitions with various layouts, I have enjoyed the ones which keep it simple and primarily for viewing photos. There are many which have intricate layouts and other forms of media such as photobooks and projectors. These sometime distract but few also add to the visual experience. Myself I prefer to work based on the human senses and match one interaction with each at a time. Sight attended by a photo and hearing by a form of audio, in my case ambient nature or artificial created with the hydrophone. If I had unlimited time and resources I would incorporate touch as well, in the form of laminar flow over the photo somehow.

I created below a plan for my exhibition base on a one room exhibit keeping it very simple. Each individual photo is lit by lights and in between, a gap in the lights to hide the emptiness a bit. The single photo on a wall creates a easy space to observe and experience without distraction, perhaps this should be on all walls. Each photo should have its own meaning so shouldn’t rely on much to provide it for it. As for the colours of the structure, keeping a neutral ground to not interfere with the colours of the photos is vital. Some shade of white is preferable as to not distract from the viewers experience but will experiment with black as well.

I tested a simple map off of Google Maps in the virtual exhibit to see how things look. Seeing as the path doesn’t appear on Google or any others it doesn’t directly link to the idea of a journey. It does however have in detail all of the river so I may update it with a image a larger section of river. This may have it problems though as capturing a clear screenshot without names of places could be difficult. Currently Google Maps only removes markers when in satellite mode, but then I lose the river, Google Earth is the same. OS Maps has a subscription based service to its online maps, if I can find a topographic version that could have its uses.

As for using text in the virtual exhibit, I am not used to Maya enough to create normal text at the moment as it only seems to create 3D text. But I will keep learning and hopefully will be able to place text soon.

Dedicated Website

I have sectioned off a part of my current main website as a permanent area for this project, titled as ‘Invisible – WIP’ it is a constant work in progress. Eventually I would like it to be on its own website to clean up the url with just the photos with one button to my main website at the bottom and some text about the project. The main page will consist of the photos that are able to be enlarged to fullscreen, a small piece of text at the top will be the ‘about’ of the project with the title ‘Invisible’ on the top of the page. I will also consider having the photos presented with text alongside them in a 60/40 configuration.

Using Adobe Portfolio I will be able to add and remove photos easily, create hidden sections to store and test new layouts. It is a easy to use platform that also supports video and audio which will make it easier to show the multimedia project. I plan to show the video enlarged above the tiled system of photos below.


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