Project Progression

The first shoot for this project took place 4 months after I’d of liked to begin due to Covid and many parts of the Brecon Beacons restricted or closed. This is the first time I’ve shot the waterfalls during Summer, usually explored during the Winter and Spring months when it’s really cold. The water has warmed up a bit but is still very cold.

Gear wise I’ve gone through another set of waders, always seems to be the boots that split on these so I’ve invested in a proper full drysuit, currently waiting on a hood. Camera has stayed the same but I now possess a Fantasea UWL-400f so I can experiment with above/below better. Also it giving a wider angle means I can capture more in shallower waters. Still getting used to it needing to be always underwater, the link between camera and lens needs to be submerged to create a clearer image. I’ve also brought some sealable clear bags and what I’m using them for is underwater lighting, by means of a led bank which is working pretty well so far.

Moving onto photo progression since beginning in mid July, I’ve been able to experiment with artificial light and the dome port which has enabled photos 4 through 12 to be created. I’ve been thinking about including more from outside of the waterfalls as a way of setting the scene and mood. Also photos that take some detailed viewing to understand and comprehend what’s even being shown. With photos 4 through 6 and 12 I’ve experimented with distorted views of the outside world which I think is becoming quite the theme in this project so far. Showing different mental states through this project I think so far they represent various states well, examples of confusion, chaos, depression and trying to see the outside escape.

I just need to shoot more to explore further details and refine the photos to better technical quality and compositions, also explore further visual representations of mental states. I’ve also been considering whether or not to include a simple bit of text, one word or two to set the base for viewing the photos. As it’s coming from my mental states it might be required for others to begin interpreting them, I will examine these and work towards creating photos that explain themselves.

I am also in the process of getting them reviewed by other photographers to see if I’m heading in the right direction in relation to their feedback. I’m very lucky and looking forward to talking to Joanna Lentini this weekend about photography and our practices, would be a great bonus to get a bit of feedback about this project so far from such a renown underwater photographer.




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