Short Film Progression – PHO704 Reflection, Visual Ideas, Objectives,

Reflecting on PHO704 Short Film

I’ve watched my short film after an extended period of time again, as this provides a different state of mind and seems to show parts that stand out. Through watching it I’ve found parts that I like and others I’d change for PHO705. Though the film was created with a mixed idea of an experience for myself and the viewer, with this project it’ll be directed towards immersing the viewer entirely in the location and experience.

The message was to show the mental experience found with water and nature. To show how nature aids myself in cleansing my mental state and how water has allowed myself to release the negative energy.

I’ll go through in bullet points what I think needs improving/changing and have included a link to the video below

  • Shorter intermissions between surface/underwater
  • More detailed shots behind waterfalls
  • No need for music, removes from the visual perspective and relies more of it
  • Some of the wider angled shots would be better if a closer detailed shot (1st intro shot)
  • Think of how the background affects a shot
  • Consider capturing with one frame rate against a variety of frame rates. How it controls the pace of viewing
  • Exposure problems
  • Smoother tracking and closer focus of rainbow spray
  • Natural ambient audio should be throughout the whole film or not at all.
  • Film is about waterfalls which are ever flowing, should reflect that when thinking about static shots
  • Hydrophone audio doesn’t seem disruptive, consider using throughout the film. Adds a different interesting experience.
  • Using natural darkness as a transition instead of an artificial transition
  • Transitioning from a dark shot to a very bright shot may not be a good idea as it could produce fatigue for the person watching after a while.

Mixing the different dynamics of the visuals would aid to creating a non-fatiguing video that could be easily viewed multiple times over. As for visuals there could be a lot more detailed shots although it may be pushing the capabilities of the camera to the limit. Onto the audio aspects, I believe it would only add the experience, the initial video should be as high quality before it’s even added.


Visual Ideas

  • Visuals that make the viewer think, relatable to something else but actually is something entirely different
  • Visuals that makes the viewer find hard to comprehend the reality of the sight, What we’re not used to seeing underwater or in the waterfalls.
  • Use the surroundings as an introduction to the waterfalls – beginning – middle – end, different lighting situations above and below to persuade.
  • A story of natures influence on releasing negative energy. Begin in a flooding, overflowing waterfall on an overcast day. Leading through to unique and bizarre sights that tempt and excite the imaginative parts of our minds. And ending on a bright sunny atmosphere where beams of light create perfect circles of rainbow in the spray. All a representation of a mental state with the audio to reflect the visuals emotion.


PHO705 and Future Objectives

Overall I’d like this to be the beginning of a media service or video distribution service. By providing virtual experiences for those in urban areas and inspired them to explore themselves, it aims to help people to discover a way of releasing through nature. To realise that humanity needs nature to return to a natural state of mind.

Other smaller objectives for PHO705 include:

  • To create something different, by using the hydrophone I aim to create a new experience compared to the other underwater/waterfall videos, an experience that excites the viewer through the unknown
  • Video to be distributed online and possibly in galleries as an introduction to my work
  • Raise awareness of how useful breaks from urban life in nature can be by using all natural audio and visuals


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