Lynda Laird – Multimedia Story

Lynda Laird’s ‘Dans Le Noir’ (In the Dark) creates a story that portrays the emotions linked with the anniversary of Operation Overlord. It involves a multimedia format including photos, videos, military strategic maps and diaries of resistance members. The photographs are reinforced with the colour of red dominating throughout yet the bunkers are colourless and slowly being taken over by nature. It represents time and nature absorbing the past, healing the world from our past mistakes, but also the blood spilled to remove the obstacles.

‘Dans Le Noir’s photos combined with segments of diaries of resistance members to create a melancholic feeling as if experiencing the emotion of war, a ruinous war represented by the landscape Laird has captured. The photos create a striking visual experience of Operation Overlord and the war in general, matched with the diaries it adds the human element that helps guide us through the experience.

Whilst the colours are critical in evoking the emotion of the scene, without the bunkers and the historical context it would have less of an effect on the viewer. The multimedia separated would also be less effective, on their own we’d be left guessing parts of the story. With all the information there, it creates a clear picture for the viewer to experience. The diaries though are the most, if not more important than the photos created. Connecting with a human experience gives information to grasp onto, directing the imagination of the viewer. Although it may be good to add some control, with my work I may leave it up for interpretation, but add some text as my interpretation.

All this works together to create a sense of place and adding text aids the story, so perhaps adding text, not directly on the photos, but accompanying them would add to my story, pushing forward the experience. I’ve already decided on a monologue with the video portion of the project, and could take sections of the script and add to the photos. Perhaps even adding a map of the location to show how isolated the waterfalls are could aid the story of isolating from modern life.



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