Week 11 – Defining My Visual Language

  • Define your visual language.

Defining my visual language I’ve thought of it as a few visual components and a work in progress. With this module my visual language has developed drastically from previous modules. By including myself in many of my photos I’ve unlocked the possibilities to include a greater personal aspect to my work, giving the opportunity for the viewer to see the experience through myself. Using contrasting light to create silhouettes my intent is to show the shadow form or a psychological form of myself, with the use of longer exposures I could create a visual link between myself and nature. The use of this is to create specific links and emotions related to darkness and negative energy, also showing nature draining that darkness away. This is shown through different photos as either protection from outside mental issues or from the immersion and cleansing of it. Using a dull colour pallet my intent is to aid in the creation of certain emotions and aid the visual narrative, adding colour would represent a more positive mental state, but the dark dull colours are the exact opposite.

  • How does your visual language differentiate from other photographers working in the same field or genre?

My visual language is differentiated from others by the fact that I’ve kept it personal to myself, many people have similar mental states but are rarely exactly the same. The creation of my photos comes from my mind and is influenced by others, but how I decide on the lighting, presentation and compositions are my own. Many landscape nature photographers use nature as their composition for creating emotion, but few delve into self-portraiture underwater and in waterfalls, I’ve yet to find any that keep the composition close and tight to the subject whilst being immersed into waterfalls so far in my research, always from the outside and a wide angle.

  • Who do you look up to?

I look up to artists in any genre that have the strength to work around their mental state, I take into waterfalls a great weight on myself which I try not to think about otherwise it’s very easy to breakdown. Artists who express their pain like Billie Joe Armstrong, Gabriel Isak and Chester Bennington to name a few, have my upmost respect for creating such work of dark emotion that I can relate to. They keep creating such pieces of emotion that you can hear or see their pain, the work could have many different reasons for being created, such as being a therapeutic outlet, to remember an event or to learn about themselves. My work I’d bring under learning about myself further as I feel like I’m unknown to myself, there are thoughts and emotions I don’t know where they came from in my work, thinking many times whilst shooting I’m my own worst enemy, could be why I put myself in such situations but I’m learning to show this to myself in my photos.

My desires are to develop my own visual language, to be able at one point to create art that I will be truly satisfied with and can finally call complete. I’d call complete as being viewed by many people for the right reasons, to see the same emotion I went in with, creating the right photo for the right emotion.

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