Week 5 1-2-1

Week 5

1-2-1 notes and independent reflection – last shoot for a few weeks – 22nd oct

  • Ethereal views
  • Baptisms and rituals as an outlet
  • Experiment with photos, flip
  • Borderline abstract
  • Keep shooting and do some audio
  • Prepare videos for next webinar

This will be the last shoot I have in Wales for almost a month due to returning back to Southern England to work. Where I lose the opportunity to photograph in the waterfalls, this gives me the opportunity to explore further contextual research and solidify my idea further. I plan to create and expand case studies on many photographers related to underwater photography. Also John Darwell and Mandy Barker who’s work I feel relates to mine, either visually or in their research processes.

 Who Buys Photography Part 1 – Tell a Story

This week we were given the challenge of telling a story with 5+ images and to let others figure out what the story is.


I think of these photos as an inner story of a rejected fandom, the beginning of an event where they can relax for being different. These are men, women and children who can relax with each other knowing they won’t be judged, who are proud of who they are.

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