Week 4 – Temperature Drop

Week 4

Webinar Notes and Independent reflection – temperature drop, issues with photographing in gear

  • Test different facial expressions
  • Use of dark images with highlights of details – blending the images
  • Silhouettes – removes identity to generalise myself as a human
  • Avoid generic moving waterfall photos – Need to be closer up with the ripples of the falling waterfall
  • Using audio to remove the need to represent the sound and to actually tell what’s happening.
  • Create a video of photos and moving images with the sound recorded.
  • Photos of silhouettes of full body and hand need to balance with something else
  • Work with the silhouettes and the water falling off my body, as if I’m being absorbed by the waterfall and are connected to the water, a part of the water.
  • Only choose one photo of a body part
  • Keep creating videos
  • About creating an experience, about having the experience and people will either understand it or not, entirely about myself having the experience.
  • What are my desires for this project?
  • Work with the passion I feel for the landscape
  • The essence of myself in the landscape

Temperature Drop and Photos in Gear

It’s that time of year and the temperature in Wales has certainly dropped, the water is getting near 0 Celsius at this time which makes it difficult to take self-portraits for long periods of time. Currently I’m managing about a minute before I had to put my hood back on and recover from the cold, any longer and I’d have to start thinking about the dangers of the cold. My gloves have also started to develop leaks due to 2 years of use climbing and crawling on rocks which makes it even harder to stay focused.

As for taking self-portraits in gear, I really wish it were possible at this point to take photos completely out of gear but is completely out of the question this time of year. Right now many photos serve as templates for when the water is warmer or as inspiration for similar photos. Having a human in their raw form would serve to show a better connection and familiarity to viewers, with all the gear on it’s very individual to me.

During the course of this week, has your opinion changed about which commercial environment you are operating in, or want to be operating in?

My opinion is still mixed as I’d love to explore different photographic uses further afield such as photography in science, working for a music magazine or covering festivals and bands. I’m still very early into my photographic careers but during my MA I will explore these further. As for science and photography I love the technology behind cameras and the glass used to create telescopes and lenses, refining the quality of images but also the sensors capable of capturing light at an ever greater level. As for music I’ve always had a passion for live music and have in my past covered this type of event and the atmosphere is something amazing to capture from the musicians and crowd.

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