Monakim Projects – Water for Life

I touched on this project a few months ago but at this point I have a different perspective on this kind of work so I will briefly look at it again. ‘Water for Life’ aims to make people “fall in love” with water again through affecting the senses of people. Working with touch, sound and sight the exhibitions work to affect the viewer on the inside and creates a more personal experience. Where they created 17 different installations I’m looking to create one part of it, immersive media that works with the senses. This type of media can be experienced online so won’t need expensive setups, just headphones and a screen to watch. This exhibition used information and the installations to create a story that people could follow on our current ecological state. Where this is based on scientific data, I will be looking at how I can use psychological information based on peoples experiences with nature.

Water for Life Information

How do we foster public awareness on the essence of water to life? How do we help them to “fall in love” with water? As a means to achieve that, we introduced a poetic and sensual approach to the way science is communicated and experienced. Through re-crafting and shaping complex content to find an intriguing storytelling device and designing series of choreographed experiences that engaged the body, senses and emotions, scientific and sustainability messages were curated in a more accessible, visceral manner to connect all audiences. A set of diverse, yet related, experiences were conceived with “hybrid technologies”, resulting in 17 site-specific installations that combined water, sound, light choreography, immersive media, sensorial environments, graphics, and large-scale sculptural elements that responded to the distinct and monolithic proportions of the architectural envelope. Together, the installations created unusual situations and sculptural settings of fantastical scales that, like works of art or contemporary theater, were open to public interpretation.

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