Workshop Planning

Beginning to think about creating a workshop for the chance to learn something new or refine a persons practice, the goal would be to empower others by teaching them, helping them to overcome a fear or a struggle they’re facing.

Reading about other photographers who run workshops, the general idea I get from them is to keep it simple, don’t over complicate the process and to focus on the persons expressions to find out if they understand without asking If they do understand. Also to think that its not teaching but rather facilitating which I learned from reading a blog by Eric Kim who’s successfully running street photography workshops.

Probably from my style of work the workshop would be landscape based and if related to this project then would most definitely be including some kind of water feature. I could imagine taking a group to waterfall valley where I spend most of my time, but if not that then the coast or rivers I’ve come to love. The focus would be to find out what a persons’ needs or wants were, and create a solution that would fit those needs in the simplest of ways. It may not be completely focused on my project but will include bits of my practice that I’ve learned on the way.

Briefly planning a workshop to the waterfall valley I’d start off by meeting up at the official entrance to the valley instead of the trek I go, unless the people are capable of a bit of mountaineering then I’d take them the shorter route. As for travel I do drive so could arrange pickups and transport if needed. And for materials I’d make sure that everyone has a tripod and camera, that’s basically all they would need unless its specifically an underwater workshop. It could become more complicated with underwater cases for cameras and additional lighting.

I’d start the workshop in the morning by meeting up at the local pub for breakfast (if they serve early enough) and have the morning taking photos, for lunch we’d find another local establishment then head to a different waterfall valley and continue until it’s dark with snacks provided. I would scout out different places to either stay and eat before the workshop, it would be embarrassing to turn up at a real heap of a place. I’d also offer night courses to take photos of waterfalls in the dark as that’s a special moment where only the white water is visible. In the near future I will plan out a workshop properly and advertise it around the local area.


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