Week 6 – Exhibition Thoughts

Having created an exhibition before of the basic ‘white wall’ type I’m not against trying something radical and different. Thinking of alternatives I’m still planning on using laminar flowing water, putting that into work is another thing as I have to create the perfect flow, also the scale of it is another problem, and creating a mess. Testing this possible idea is going to be critical and I think it won’t be ready for my group exhibition in Herefordshire at the beginning of September.

For starters I’d like to create a few copies of the final photos and frame them for use in smaller exhibitions around the local area, just to get things rolling and then work into the more dramatic.

There have been many digital water displays on show such as this one based in Shanghai, boasting to be more interactive it’s a step towards being more immersive. Focusing on a much more populated area could, like the creation in Shanghai, prove to be more popular than exhibiting in Wales. The question is would it be more thoughtful and closer to home so to speak near the location it was shot, or more effective farther from the location and would be a better influencer on people.


Considering the impact of the location for exhibiting there’s a local gallery that has had many waterfall exhibitions before, presenting the idea of repetition If I chose to exhibit there. Moving further away to city centres the traditional gallery isn’t noticed as much, unless its extravagant like Shanghai. I’d need more time to test my plans for exhibiting before approaching city centres for exhibiting my work.

Currently with the ocean pollution problems and the environmentalist groups working around the clock, talking to them about exhibiting this work in relation to raising awareness of how precious and powerful water can be for us, may prove useful in exhibiting or using this work for the better. My work doesn’t show the blunt problems of pollution but works to influence peoples thoughts on it in a different way, to show the mental positives in this current age where mental health is a major issue, perhaps even talking to mental health groups or charities is another route.

I believe my work would take some thought to be interpreted and with a description along the exhibition to get the right idea, that is if they’re presented as normal photos. Adding some dynamics to them could create a new sensation to looking at the photos which I will definitely be looking at. The possibility of interacting with the photo or video as well as another form of immersion. The main goal is to let people realise how easy it can be to cleanse the mind of day to day struggles.




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