Week 5 – Roadmap

Title of Work: Spiritual Roads

Keywords: Cleansing, Spiritual, Water, Renewal, Minds

Methods and Methodology:

To show the cleansing abilities on our consciousness and soul by water. Immersing into rivers and waterfalls, capturing the ever flowing and ever renewal features of water. Also now exploring spirtual and religious links to water and why water is used, but also its effectiveness to clear the mind.


Number of shoots:

Uncertain as to how many shoots this will take, I’ve worked under a similar idea that devloped into this one so refreshing my mind on the direction I want to go is ongoing. Photos already taken show similarities to the effectes required but more are needed. Two or Three more shoots for this module definetly to get the idea down solid and have the required amount of photos.



To create a unique exhibition that features physical water and the framed prints alongside, immersing the viewers into the idea of the cleansing ability of water.

I’m also planning on creating a photobook focusing on exploring the ability of water and how we’ve neglected it.

The main outcome is to reconnect people with water and to show how helpful it can be in day to day life as a natural medicine.


Results and relationship with Research Project:

This will provide the future base for my research project and FMP, with the refining of each photo to find the most effective strategy, but also practice in presenting to create the right atmosphere when viewed. The plan from the beginning was a large format exhibition but I want to change it from the normal and include the physical element alongside or within. Perhaps project the photos onto a wall of laminar flow or have water flowing in the frame.

The task of this project is to influence the minds of the audience so I consider the audience quite a lot when creating. Focusing on a certain audience though may prove more successful, for example, if I focused on the more outgoing adventure type of audience they’d see a scenery seen before. If I presented this work to an audience stuck in a city most of the time I’d predict it would be more effective. As for how it’s presented to curators, I’d propose the idea and presentation plans but would be open for minor changes. Changes to the project idea however would be tougher to handle unless with relevant theories and information presented. Being immersed in this idea for a few years now, I’m committed to creating a strong set of photos that reflect the immersion and environment of water.

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