Week 4 – Hands Off

Without using tools familiar to myself, initially I thought about this task by using screenshots from games that revolve around being underwater or exploration such as Subnautica or Skyrim. Instead I’ve decided to use a website called Magic Sea Weed whose main use is providing information about beaches and the coastal waters. Seeing as the beginning of my inspiration for exploring water came from family holidays on the beach and in the water, I though it relevant for this task.


Magic Sea Weed

My research project being about the magic of water, I thought finding the webcams from the most magical scenery I could find on Magic Sea Weed would provide a small insight as to why I love landscape photography and the water. As the webcams don’t have audio the scenery seems quiet, which in terms of my day to day life of work even with audio it would still be quiet. This serene peacefulness was one of the attractions I love about the coast, especially the soft light reflecting off the surface adding a warmth to the water.

The importance of water in its physical form is great, to sustain life, but it also has the mental capacity to clear the mind, holding the spirit and body in its arms as that person floats. We’re currently looking into renewable energy but have forgotten the renewal properties that water has on the soul.



The images I found on MagicSeaWeed may be generic as a photo, but looking deeper into the location brought home old memories and feelings. Interesting enough the photos weren’t the main focal point, the idea of the public using it as recreation to relax was more informative instead. To interpret this idea there are small changes to the core methodology of this project, by focusing on the spirituality of water instead of creating the otherworldly.

By working from the otherworldly initially, it was a starting point to explore the deeper effects water can create, and so I believe that to be the only change in the methodology this week, to view the water in a different perspective. Moving on I’m not 100% how I will show this in photo form, creating that feeling in a single photo may require a different approach than I am currently pursing as it’s still on the otherworldly track. Also thinking to how these images are to be presented, I’m going to be making a practice book so I can sequence the images but I’ve also been thinking about how to go about presenting in exhibitions. A thought was to project the image onto a smooth wall of falling water, the project relates largely to the fall of water so it would enhance the experience and also add a new dimension to how the image is absorbed, not just visually but physically being able to touch the idea.

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