Week 3 – Collaboration

This week’s agenda was focused on Collaboration to create Zines, unfortunately I haven’t been available for a while so have missed out on this activity but will be creating my own zine when I get the chance as practice.

I have collaborated with others in photography in the past for projects relating to mental/physical health. I embrace collaborating for photography as having multiple perspectives gives greater opportunity to refine an idea, it also gives further opportunities to experiment increasing the chances of the unknown. In such a case with mental/physical health, I feel very fortunate to work with my friend Gareth Lloyd whose been through depression, multiple complex surgeries but keeps soldiering on.

With his project we wanted to visualise the mental strain on Gareth through darkness and shadows, I already knew about Gareth’s conditions but to visualise the subject and its mental effect on a person seemed to be of more interesting. We worked really well together experimenting different ideas we had and were free flowing throughout the shoot. I’d known Gareth for 2 years by this time so we knew our goals and progressed until we had a few favourites.


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