Water in Religion

Religion has its rituals for cleansing the spirit and soul, I feel it necessary to explore how water is used as a source of purification in Christianity being a Christian myself and also related to this project through the spiritual cleansing abilities of water.

Rituals are a large part of religious practice and one of the major rituals is baptisms, occurring in various religions it is a Christian rite of admission into the religion. To baptize is to be immersed in water which indicates the whole body, or soul, being immersed into that religion. Reading into rituals from over 1000 years ago, in the Rules of St. Benedict it was tradition for Christians to wash before entering a holy place for worship, removing impurities from the soul. My reasons for investigating this key topic is the relation to the project idea and this ritual practice, how water is used as a cleansing tool. Considering my project is about the cleansing abilities of water, creating a visual piece of work that emits inspiration for a person to immerse into the water world more often and itself emitting positive effects onto the viewer. The thought of removing day to day worries by becoming immersed in water can be interpreted as the removal of evil from the body. The properties of water and its ability to remove signs of previous contamination can be interpreted as a natural stress reliever as it washes away impurities and negativity. Water is the base for humankind, relaying the message of importance to humankind through my work by text is the best solution until I’ve refined my visual practice further.

Including religion in my project visually is currently a no go for me but I won’t rule it out using it in text, exploring the spiritual and mental power of water is the main goal. Religion hasn’t changed how I’ve thought of this project technically but has added a bit more context to why I’m creating this series of images. Exploring multiple symbols of power from one element.









Baptism by water

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