Spirit of a Nation

As part of investigating the spiritual influence water has on us, I’ve been looking into how certain areas may give off different effects. For myself Wales has always been a country of song, religion and industry to name a few. Where there may be specific influences for other people in the same place, Wales’s wildland was always a relaxing breath. But asking the question, why do I keep going back? and why do I feel what I feel? In brief I have always been a person to enjoy the wild, the speed of time seems to always slow down when isolated on location yet 5 hours feels like 5 minutes, keeping that connection with raw nature helps me to keep a stable mind. The magic that surrounds these locations entices me back, compared to the normal feelings we express and absorb in day to day life, the perfect serenity of the wild takes complete control over the soul and cleanses it from life’s stresses.

In a recent peer review an idea was brought across that part of the underwater scene of bubbles looks like a vision of mineral ore, reflecting on the industrial past of Wales. Another scene where streaks of light could be interpreted as the voices of song sailing through the water. With these thoughts in mind the country in question is shown through interpretations underwater although slightly abstract, perhaps this is a more visual connection to the spiritual than just a mental connection.

Looking at an example of a persons connection to a place, Ezra Doueck from Israel writes about his experience and connection to a place. Doueck writes “We are defined not by differences in our customs, beliefs, or denominations, our ethnicity, cultures, or religious observance. It is the fiery spirit of the Jewish nation that defines us…It is a spirit deeply rooted in 5,000 years of tradition, hardened through persecution and challenges, and centered around a land that after generations of wandering, we could finally call our home.”

Taking the concept of spiritual rooting to a place and creating a series of photos from it, the possibilities to create series elsewhere are obvious and not locked to one location. Although it has taken me years to connect with this one location, there are further possibilities to explore a new location.


Reference: huffpost.com/entry/the-spirit-of-a-nation_ b_8539280

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