Ryan Pernofski – Comforting the Disturbed Through Music and Video

Ryan Pernofski’s work of capturing the ocean waves in slow motion is made for the purpose of comforting the disturbed. Collaborating not with people but with nature, Pernofski creates high speed videos with added music that enhances the experience, further immersing the viewer into the work through more sensory interactions with the viewer. The videos immerse the viewer into a tranquil scene of gentle waves, along with the constantly changing details of the surface from the constant movement of water. This slow moving music and video creates a relaxing effect but also slows down time, giving the opportunity for the viewer to slow down their mind, focusing on the sublime ability of nature and absorb its cleansing powers.10

Pernofski’s video work relates to mine where they’re both using water to create a sense of clarity and peace. From last module, PHO702, my short trailer available on my website takes a similar approach, a high speed video to capture all the changing details, backup by a slow peace of music. Watching the videos however has re-enforced my idea of the mental abilities of nature as it’s obviously having effects on people just by reading the comments. The differences in the speed of time is a powerful feature of this video, to slow down and mix with smooth flowing scenes of nature creates a mental juxtaposition. The viewers mind stressed from life searching for a way to slow down time and replace the negativity with positivity.


Working with water and its ever flowing properties is the direction I’m going to test on my next shoot, being able to visualise the spirituality of water and stopping time at the same time though will need additional testing. Creating ever flowing, time stopping photos of water such as Boomoon’s work may benefit from very high speed video work, although the differences from photos and videos are great and the artistic abilities of photograph are larger than video e.g. long exposures, although long exposure timelapses may be a solution. The ability to show waterfalls as they should be, constantly moving would stay true to what they are, yet this could remove all artistic flare and romantic beauty from nature.

Ryan Pernofski

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