Publication Planning

  • What do you want the publication to say/do

I want the publication to give the experience to every person that looks/reads it, that water can give mental satisfaction from day to day struggles on the mind. That becoming immersed in water cleanses the mind and spirit from mental stresses, and if possible, by reading the book it would give a similar effect, taking the powers of water and putting it into a book.

  • How do you want to achieve that?

By creating a series of images that can be read and give off exactly what I’m aiming for, I will back each photo up with text and stories from mythology, religion and folklore about the power of water. Also to create a unique style for the book that relates to water or waterfalls.

  • Do your pictures (critically) support/ contradict that intention?

Currently they’re in between the intentions of the book as I haven’t shot yet since sorting out the idea for the project. I’m planning on shooting again next week to sort out some photos and produce enough to submit for this module and create an effective dummy book but this will most definitely run into next module as well.

  • If this would affect how my WiP is presented

I would present this book either as the WiP for next module but also with the exhibition planned for next year. It would be a different approach rather than just submitting digital files.

  • How to make a book with a unique style to the spirituality of nature and waterfalls/water

I want the front page of the book to be a big eye catcher, perhaps a persons bright eyes looking through the waterfall or the person submerged underwater, something to really capture a persons gaze. As for the pages inside the book I’m experimenting with different cutout styles, even cutting up photos so that the book physically flows together, as if an engineer created the mechanism inside. That or I keep it simple so to not create chaos but I will find out once I’ve finished experimenting. I’ve also considered creating the 3D effect on the front cover and somehow make the viewer interact with the book more, creating the physical feeling of spiritual cleansing.

Just an update but I have a few photos selected for the photobook, not enough to satisfy the creation of the book currently. Also creating a unique style and design is taking a bit longer than expected but I will continue to research and design different ideas for the book in preparation for next module.

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