Exhibition Planning and Preparing

Exhibition Briefing

Exhibiting in my old home area of Herefordshire I will be taking part in an event called H.Art. This event combines many different crafts and arts people for 9 days of travelling and exploring. I will be collaborating with the Brockington Studio which is hosting the event in their village. Currently there are four of us in the studio so there’s plenty of space to expand.

Ideally the photos have to be from Herefordshire for the event so this has given me the chance to explore and experiment with my project idea in a different setting. I explored using wind to create the same effects I’m looking for in this project but in AV format, it was well received during my BA so I may pursue this for the exhibition.

Considering I don’t have the resources to see up multiple video setups, using framed photos of a location that I’ve captured audio from could be an option. I’d print A1 into 6 black frames and hook a hidden MP3 player on loop behind the frame with headphones to the side of the frame. In the past I’ve used laptops to show off the AV productions to my BA group with headphone and seemed to go down well. If it were possible I’d insert a monitor into the frame and play the videos and audio but will have to settle for photos and audio, still will be more aesthetically pleasing than laptops by far.

That would be for exploring the wind and different locations, focusing on the project now and water I’d still consider creating a laminar water flow setup. I’ve tested projecting a video onto a small scale model and it does seem to work quite well, there’s also the possibility of using water vapour but quite a lot of the detail is lost. The setup would also have to be in a very dark room to work properly as any additional light sources add artifacts on the laminar flow. I’m still testing on upscaling the model and seeing how refined I can create it rather than having huge blocks of machinery on show, but it’s one method I’d enjoy testing full sized as if taking up a whole wall.

Exploring others efforts in exhibiting photos and AV I found a fellow students blog who’d visited the Cindy Sherman exhibition in London, one main point made was that the most striking images are the large ones. In a past exhibition of mine I printed A1 again and took up a whole corridor and attracted a lot of attention from passerby’s, being landscape work It should be presented as large as possible so I won’t be going any smaller than A1 for this exhibition or future ones.

In a previous blog post I mentioned a tourist attraction in Shanghai, a room of waterfalls that surround the viewer but all digital, this influenced the laminar flow idea, to create the opposite of busy water and show it on clear running water. The idea of using water to present was to create an interactive exhibition, where people could touch the photo and experience the scene, whilst taking in the stopping of time through the ever flowing water and the atmosphere it creates.



Looking at an exhibition called Save Ellis Island, their approach to presenting work is to stick the images on parts of Ellis Island to show how the building have degraded, but also how busy it used to be. Creating exhibitions around the idea that the creator is looking to highlight or influence is an effective way of gaining attention to it, not only are viewer looking at the photos, but also the journey in between photos. I’ve considered implementing a similar idea by putting my projects photos onto windows or doors, as if to say “this is out there, go find it”, an influencer on people stuck in the cities to go out, relax and explore nature. Just sticking photos onto office buildings windows may seem a bit simple so maybe incorporating the laminar flow idea could be a way to quirk it up, all depends on how small the system has to be.

In 2008 there was an international exhibition on ‘Water, Life, Us’ with a theme of water and sustainability, below I’ve enclosed a screenshot of one of their exhibits. Browsing through photos from the event it was based on creating a dramatic and emotional response from the viewer. Talked about as a highly experiment exhibition with the aim to make people “fall in Love” with water, the exhibition created 17 site specific installations that combined many elements including AV productions and water, just the sound of water changed the experience even by watching it through a screen. Creating then, a piece of artwork that accompanies the photos and videos in an exhibition may benefit from each other, perhaps it could be the frame of the photo that changes from the norm.



This exhibition the bare minimum I will be presenting will include 6 A1 framed prints of spirituality in nature, I’d like to present audio tracks to go alongside that I’d record to immerse people deeper into the idea. As for the location of the frames in the exhibition, they’ll be right before the viewer walks through the door into the studio shown below in the map. Hopefully the location they’re at will increase their notice-ability, If I did manage to create some custom frames based on the idea of spirituality in nature then I’d imagine they’d gain a lot more attention than standard frames.

As for costs of exhibiting, I already have the frames but need to find some anti-glare glass, backing board and exhibition board for each frame. Because they’re A1 glass may be too expensive so I may go with a high-quality acrylic. Other than that there’s the cost of staying to watch over the exhibition whilst it runs and a small fee for entering the event. Also there’s the travelling costs to actually take the photos and maybe purchasing audio gear if I get it sorted in time.

I believe having a physical exhibition would be more effective than a digital one, although I’m not appose to creating both, the digital exhibition could back up the physical or be viewed for people unable to attend. There’s also the benefit of gaining international attention for viewing online. Currently H.Art is a big event in Herefordshire, but is not known so well outside the county. Once everything is prepared I may be able to expand outside of the county and gain further attention in bigger cities and environments.


Exhibition Plan

Digital sketch of exhibition by David Cole

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