Week 2 – Quick Update

Reading last weeks post about my project, I’m aware that I may be creating a project that is based off of outside pressure, so creating a project that’s contemporary instead of from the heart. Doing anything from the heart, with passion and effort is bound to be better than anything forced so I will be considering my game plan for the future of PHO703.

This week I haven’t been able to shoot due to commitments in the South but next week I’m heading out to photograph from Sunday till Thursday and will hopefully catch up on shooting then. As for planning getting to the locations, I’m looking at shooting AT LEAST once a week from now on with the occasional week of constant shooting.

I’ve sorted out some THICK wetsuit gear so I can spend longer underwater to take photos, this means I will be able to focus longer on the photo I’m taking, I’m also going to be exploring all next week in deeper situations. Using this gear I can experiment further with darkness and visibility underwater to create otherworldly scenarios and to hopefully create evocative photos.

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