PHO703 Week 1

Exploring underwaters’ diversity has been one of the main inspirations for my current practice, it was inspired by my first experience of spending time below. A place where life seems at home, life effortlessly gliding through the blue of constant renewal.

Yet not all is clean and not all has a secured future. This weeks focus on rephotography has demonstrated change in underwater life before but could be a strategy in my project. Obviously the timeframe of image making is too short to show a dramatic change in the underwater environment (unless manmade change is applied), but there’s opportunity through manipulation of the environment which I will explore in depth on another post.



NASA’s Climate 365 Project aims to create a direct vision of our effect on the environment, using photos from many years ago to highlight issues and was the first idea that came to me about rephotography. This use of diptychs vs the merging of multiple photos into one isn’t as clear as it should have been, in my opinion there should have been a small border between the two as it looks as if the mountains in the middle are trying to connect.


By looking at this type of photography, it addresses how time changes the environment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same location to show a perspective of change but the subject does matter. Thinking of making my current project focused on a more contemporary issue whilst relatable to my practice. Rephotography as time could prove to be an effective technique by showing change in the environment, whether that be through light, depth of water, speed of current or environmental issues. I haven’t been able to photograph underwater yet but I’m planning on shooting from the 22nd of June for a week to test this idea.

Thinking back to last module I focused on photos as their own environments instead of working together, due to this there was issues with cohesion within the project. Going into this project with the idea of making diptychs, triptychs, merging images or having the photos link each other to have a particular gathered meaning is why I’m showing these merged photos. The direct linking of the photos shows what my last project did not have, focusing on the darker side of time though is an issue I will work on as I preferred to show the uniqueness of life instead of the downsides of life.



The description of these photos show that these are the same lakes over a 2 year period, what it shows me is that taking a photo of the same subject could be considered rephotography, not of the same photo but of the same subject instead. The idea of creating contrasting photos of the same location but in the same time period could be an addition to my practice, I will look into other examples of this before taking photos though. Working with a short time period this is a viable option of using rephotography in the practice, to create a direct set of images showing the different effects we’re creating on the environment underwater.


My methodology for the ideas proposed would start with research into other photos and photographers to gain a base idea, then I’d explore the photographic possibilities on location. Finding the various different environmental situations though is the main part of exploring the locations. Taking digital photos would mean that I’m not limited on how many I take and weather would provide many different visual scenarios that I could explore. I’d walk into this with the idea of making diptychs to show the threats or change that is happening with water. This is just the base idea for my methodology and will develop with the doing of my practice.

My Project:

Considering rephotography as a strategy in my project is an option I wouldn’t say no to. Showing how the same environment has changed differently over time sounds like the right direction for my practice as it’s exploring the environment and this is something it hasn’t done yet. The main problem I have right now is that I need to shoot more often except being a fair distance away from the locations makes this hard. I will try to dedicate at least a week every 2 weeks to getting on location.

Thinking to the end of the project and how I’m going to use these photos, I feel that a photo is best seen physically rather than digitally. Making up where I’d like to show them off is the next question, perhaps in galleries near the locations or galleries based near water. Figuring out a solid plan for the future of this project though is all down to the idea and photo making and so I will work with this idea and evolve it into something meaningful.



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