CRJ- Final Development of Photos

Here we are at the end of PHO702, last photo shoot is complete and now time to edit through them all. Choosing which photos to select for submission, I’m going in with the thought process of which are most effective for my idea of otherworldly and emotion. I’m looking for photos with the best dramatic lighting and form that gives off the best emotional results. I’m far away from what I’d like my final practice to be in terms of how effective the photos are, but this is a start.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the possibility of a video submission. Through testing and putting a quick compilation together, I’d need more footage to actually pass it by as a submission so maybe next module. I did however post it onto my website (video link down below) which shows a small montage of the clips I created this year and in the past. Comparing to the photographs I have now, the video is nowhere near as dramatic but acts as filler to the idea. The way that light works with photos in a single moment have a much more appealing feeling to it, the dramatic tones and selective light create a scene to be enjoyed.

From the photos I have selected for submission, they are the ones which best convey my idea of the otherworldly. Whether this be from a change in landscape, atmosphere or the extraordinary, they have features which are unique to the underwater environment that few have seen. I still need to develop the skills to be able to convey emotional photos to the viewer, such as Trent Mitchell who’s work is just amazing for this.

Below I’ve included a few photos, the larger is my chosen favorite from this module. The tones of light and shadows just makes it for me, but also the leading line in the foreground off the branch that’s illuminated just right. As for focusing on the idea, again the light was set just right for it, pulling the viewers eye to the blocking branch with leaves caught in the current. Below that photo I have 5 photos that didn’t make the cut but were almost selected. I believe there’s something missing in them that didn’t get them close enough to my idea. I do love them for the effects made with the water but some there’s too much going on, or no subject.


Link to the video compilation


Link to final selected photos

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