Week 8 – My Photographs as ‘Messages’

Considering how my work is predominantly landscape and underwater, the message I try to convey relates to exploration and renewal of that spark for the new. I have always thought of underwater photography as a dive into another world and has always attracted me more than above the water.

As I dive below the water, there’s always an unexpected experience to be found, whereas above experiences of the land can be seen from far away, this other world throws you into the deep end. I choose to photograph this as to send that message to inspire others to explore this otherworld. On my travels I’ve seem too many people/tourists completely ignore the underwater in favour for the waterfall 20ft away, I feel like they’re missing so much, the immersion of the landscape. In comparison it’s like riding a pushbike instead of driving, you’re exposed to the world and so you absorb so much more than being in an enclosed space.

I’m a type of person to enjoy what we have and try to preserve it for as long as possible. I choose to photograph the better sides of the environment as I’d rather get involved with the worse sides than photograph them. I also find the little parts can affect the larger even photographically. Focusing on the smaller subjects I hope that part of the message will affect how people think about the smaller things in life.

Considering events around the world usually show you the larger picture, actually finding the smaller one has turned my ideas right round in some cases. Finding that small moment in time can give some spectacular results and the fact that it can be captured on camera is just a bonus.


Image by David Cole

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