Research Project Proposal – Revision (shorter version)

Research Project Proposal – Revision 1 PHO702

David Cole

Aims and Objectives

To expand through photography my passion for the most important element, water. It’s ability to harbour and create life, change entire landscapes, the mysticism permeated through time and its ability to comfort the disturbed.

My photographic practice has only skimmed this element yet when I’ve explored other topics it always finds a place in my photos. Just like PHO701 where I explored a different idea, water found its way into it, so I’ve realised now that I should focus on what I truly have a passion for.

The objectives for PHO702 are therefore to explore underwater where I left off from my BA. To create a series of photos based on the idea of unrecognisable worlds and the otherworldly. Using photographic techniques to create a new world underwater that looks like it’s not from Earth or from a different time period.


The Objectives are to:

  • To evoke an emotional response from the viewer and to share the beauty and diversity of the Earth underwater
  • Create a set of images that captures natures hidden diversity through the idea of unrecognisable worlds
  • To attain greater understanding of the photographers place in the wild and in the water, also the business aspects of this kind of photography


Context and Approach

I have found true peace from all kinds of stress for me comes from immersing myself in nature and wildlife, much enhancing that experience from my project Rhaeadr about completely immersing myself in waterfalls far from anything mankind. Creating images that provoke an emotional response are the primary elements I look to capture and have the largest personal rewards, so creating work that means something to me I find, is much more beneficial.

In the past I’ve made the mistake of taking on different ideas to be a diverse person, understanding myself is an on-going process but failing puts me back on the path to finding what I truly enjoy. With PHO701 this was one of those, I wouldn’t call it a total failure, but it kicked me back on track with my photographic practice.

My approach is therefore to explore the depths to begin with, working underwater and these other worlds, to create a new land based on my own imagination through nature. With this use of nature I hope to show how diverse it can be, it’s loud and proudness but also the silent scenes and darkness, a vision into another world.

The outcomes of the project combines different imagine making styles and location types, all with their own uniqueness and evocative traits:

  • Images that provoke an emotional response
  • A true feeling of the otherworldly and the beauty/diversity of the wild
  • Images produced through my own vision that has engaged with the environment to further my understanding/fulfilment of my photographic practice
  • To realise how photographs are made not just by seeing through a lens, but rather through the deep passion for the wilderness.


Work in Progress and Photographic Challenges

The Audience

Audience wise I’m aiming for the outdoors and explorer people. For the majority of this idea so most of the image will be posted on social media as general research shows the main interest is on that platform but I will do some further research on this. I’ve found that some of the more artsy photographs have best been suited for exhibitions and physical forms for viewing if selling from experience during my BA. I plan to expand my following through my MA by creating interesting photographs, ones that provoke an emotional response and have a real atmosphere to them.

Skills and Resources Outreach: Engaging New Audiences

Furthering my pursuit to find a larger audience, I’ve been reading and talking to other photographers about how to do this, many of which comes from selling photo books, talks and some from workshops. I’m talking to a photographer whose main source of income comes from selling books based on food and is very well informed with the process. I am also very interested in sorting out some workshops which I’m again talking to photographers and customers about, then creating a base plan on my own workshops. Once I’ve done all this and have completed a few workshops I’d say the series of photos is a success.

I have experience in engaging with the public through my current practice as an action sports photographer through social media. I also have experience in showing work in galleries as I’ve now had three exhibitions of my last project including waterfalls but I wish to develop my skills in branching out to further communities. To develop a photo book production, working with publications to find the right reader and the right area to sell the books as I’ve learned this can vary wildly.




Jan-May 2019 (PHO702):

  • Reorganize idea and set out a general plan for producing photos from this idea
  • Research past and current photographers’ inspirations related to a similar practice involving water, above and below
  • Investigate locations and access rights to rivers and lakes
  • Continue to network and build relationships, collaborate with photographers
  • Begin image making for new idea through river locations, progressing to further locations later on
  • Research the best platform for this kind of photography

June-August 2019 (PHO703):

  • Continue image making exploring the diversity of wildlife
  • Research into the future of our rivers/lakes and waterfalls
  • Research different photographic techniques on exploring wildlife
  • Begin constructing business plans and research on photo books and workshops, also selling physical photos

Sept-Dec 2019 (PHO704):

  • Continue to work with photographers and network through them
  • Collect data on the most interesting photos created thus far through social media, also part of gaining a new audience
  • Continue working on photo books and workshops
  • Begin carrying out workshops

Jan-May 2020 (PHO705):

  • Finish all final photography for this term
  • Finalize photo book and work towards getting them published/sold
  • Continue with workshops, gradually throughout the project gaining a larger audience
  • Gather feedback and produce a final report of the project, showing outcomes and effectiveness

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