PHO702 – Current Practice and Intent

The beginning of this term, I was confused as to where my photography was going. I began with wanting to create a set of photographs that made change in the world and wanting this and that from it, something completely different from myself. Clearing up my mind and focusing back on myself I have regained my confidence as a landscape photographer, but not a conventional one. Exploring underwater and doing my part to clean up the landscape, one piece of trash at a time. I realized that my photography should be keep to the underwater exploration and my physical self to helping the environment.

My photographic practice kept to creating visually wild and interesting photographs that are from my imagination. I don’t intent to be a world famous photographer but hope to have a series that play with the imagination of a persons mind, where different people can make different stories from an image. – More details can be found in my previous post of my revision to the research project proposal –

I’ve recently looked at many photographers I found inspiration from again. A main contributor to a similar photographic practice that I follow is Trent Mitchell. While Mitchell’s work is based around the ocean this ideas are in depth. The series Unbound works with the idea of ‘an emotional and kinetically responsive body of work exploring my relationship with the changing moods of the sea’. In many aspects this is a similar aesthetic to my project, the photographs are heavily influenced by natures current mood.


Figure 1 Trent Mitchell






Figure 1

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