Week 4 – Collaboration

Something a bit different this week, our task was to create a micro project with a maximum of 3 people. Initially I posted a photo from an underwater project to the group, later on Oliver Grabowski contacted me via email and we started chatting about a possible collaboration between our two projects. Luckily our two projects had a few similarities to begin with and once we started digging we found a few more so were able to start thinking how they’d work together.

We settled on the idea of our own worlds over email and group chats and we named it ‘my own private world’. A journey as such through different experiences in life with our own personal interpretations of those experiences.


Micro Project test sheet 1

Left – David Cole   Right – Oliver Grabowski

Untitled-2 2

David Cole

Sheet 3 2

Left – David Cole   Right – Oliver Grabowski

Sheet 4 2

Oliver Grabowski

After discussing the project with the others and presenting the feedback was very positive. Main points of interest included the presentation layout and how we mixed the images in a way so they’d tell a short story of emotion and experiences. Oliver was very good at sorting out the pdf and brought forwards some great ideas as to combining the images.

Overall I thought the presentation was very well organised for one day of work. Visually the images seemed to trick the tutors and students for who’s photos were who’s which I wasn’t too sure how to think. I’m happy that the images worked that well together and for the overall idea of the project, I think that individual powerful images could have boosted this work further which could be tested in future projects.

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