Week 3 – Work In Progress

Very quickly I’ve put up a slideshow of some of the photos I’ve taken as a starter for my project.

The idea – Early

Industrial landscapes and the resulting degradation of our coastal landscapes intrinsic to supporting human life threatens the existence of the natural coastal view. It is our responsibility to maintain for all life on earth, yet I no longer see a future where there are limits to human expansion.

I want to create a series of images that give notice to the industrial landscapes that take over much of the horizon in the South of England. I feel it’s a relevant idea today with the ongoing battle to produce more power (clean/dirty) and also for the pursue of production through big operations.

With the small shoot below, some of the photos show a peaceful and traditional foreground of a moored boat with the background intruding the rest of the photo space with industrial towers. Here I’m showing the new traditional landscape, almost futuristic with red lights running up the towers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another thought is based around the film Blade Runner 2049, the dystopian society is essentially what I’m fearful with become where nature used to be so maybe working technically to pronounce how large of an impact the industrial landscape is could be a visual way forward. Blade-Runner-Still-03

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