Week 2 – ‘Other Than’ and Reflect

Our task this week is to find a piece of work that has some kind of link to our own practice or research interests e.g. film, paintings, text etc but not a photograph.

My first thoughts about this weeks task went straight to audio and music as I believe music is a key part of conveying an idea, it sets the tone and atmosphere for a entire project at times. An example of this atmosphere in music below by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori from Halo 3 ODST. With this piece of music I can imagine a sense of desperateness, isolation and loss which then progresses to pushing through the darkness and weight of all this negativity to find an inner strength and hope which ultimately ends with peace and calmness.

I stride to find these different atmospheres in photography which can tell this kind of emotion and story behind them. Such as, in my previous project Rhaeadr and Otherworlds, both were created in the mindset of finding these different atmospheres, some being obvious visual examples and others being subtle and requiring some thought.

A perfect example of the link between visual and audio comes from The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Honestly I could have selected many different parts from the 3 movies but this example provides a clear connection between audio and visual working together to produce a powerful scene. The audio in the initial scene of walking through the great hall provides the structure of the story for what was to come, the audio it tells the story of a majesty that was prosperous, yet the visuals show a skeleton of a powerful kingdom. This audiovisual example of collaboration shows how different art forms can create a harmony in different meanings.

When this harmony is created it can produce a powerful sense of emotion. In a previous project/test I worked with creating a series of audiovisual works based around this concept of harmony to create a better sense of emotion (can’t upload the video so here’s a screenshot).


Reflecting on this weeks task I felt it was a good way to start thinking about project ideas for this term, to revisit past projects and remember the importance of them to me. Reading everyone else’s understanding of their own practices gave me a wider understanding of how photography is linked personally to people. Using photography to show inner emotions, how it can be manipulated and its interpretations of past artworks.

As for progressing my work further I believe using hard facts of the modern world through visual examples could be a option to create more effective work alongside my current practice e.g. industrialization, noise pollution, sounds and sights that could disrupt our natural atmosphere as through my work it’s all been focused around the natural world. Working towards preserving that could link in to my current and previous projects, and with a more variety of ideas from this weeks work, I can work on expanding my new project ideas.


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