The beginning and a hell of a catch up!


This blog is dedicated to my current experience doing an online MA in Photography with Falmouth University and what a start it has been! Currently it’s week 5 of the first term and here’s my first post. Due to life and 40’s house wiring (internet) I missed out on the first 3 weeks but have been able to catch up with it all in the past 2 weeks. So here I’ll recap on my studies of week 1 to week 3 then make a start for weeks 4 onwards.

Week 1

Week 1 was based on The Global Image and introductions to the course and its contents. Our first task ‘Picture From My Window’ obviously to take a picture from my window so I chose what I find most interesting. Taken from the loft there’s usually a great sunset to see with many different colours, having the velux window also gave the opportunity’s for big reflections. I find that sunsets are one of the most underrated sights, it’s like staring into a fire, stare enough and you can enter a trance and see ‘visions’ almost like magic.

David Cole's Window.jpg

The Global Image

Our first discussion and activity is based on the global image, reflecting on what is a global image and how we would re-make one. I thought the global image as an image that has been seen worldwide, that has power and persuasion behind it. Firstly my mind goes towards the images created in the atrocities of war as I pay attention to conflicts quite a lot and work with veterans. Photographers such as Phillip Jones Griffiths created global images based around the results of war, comparing to modern day photographers such as Tim Hetherington, the images show their toll on people from the result of war. The ideas are the same but are from different times yet they’re still global images which is a main factor for my interest in this area of global images and documentary photography.

In the present day the use of global communications and the internet provide a platform for an unique image to become known worldwide which makes me think of how the global image has changed, people are able to see more of the world through their smartphone compared to 100 years ago where the only local insight was newspapers and physical images. This makes me think that a global image today would be harder to find unless presented in mainstream media and popular social media sites.


Activity: Re-making the global image

Having reflected on the content discussed in this week’s presentations, ‘re-make’ an image of your choice.

The first image by Phillip Jones Griffiths shows a Vietnam War American soldier with the thousand yard stare,  he also looks like hes been through hell and back giving some context to his situation. The stare though basically sums up the Vietnam War but also wars toll on people expression depression and tiredness.

The second image by Staff Sgt Brendan Mackie again relates to the toll on humans with the thousand yard stare. One difference is the fact it’s a more modern war in a different environment with the obvious sand covering the soldiers face and gear, perhaps this up to date image shows how people forget the past so quickly. Griffiths image I never saw publicly until researching it whereas Mackie’s image I saw in a magazine until it ran its circulation then it was lost to time as well. This could well support an argument about the ignorance of mankind where generations are put under the same torture without a change in how we act apon events.


Source : Tatetumblr_m7q7nabMR81qlmscao1_1280

Source: Alamy





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