In Public Sight – Website – Final Project Title

This website is my main photographic site which had photos from the project in progress, hence WiP. I have also settled on the project title of 'Invisible' for being invisible from the outside world behind the waterfalls, and the issues faced being invisible. I setup 'Invisible' to be the first option for people to select … Continue reading In Public Sight – Website – Final Project Title

Wolfgang Tillmans – Freischwimmer – Similarities to the Underwater World

In Tillmans Freischwimmer, delicate strands of colour flow as if clouds of pigment in every direction. I looked at Tillmans work for its exhibition presentation strategy but these have a distinct aquatic feeling to them. The flow and spread of strands acts very much as if water flowing, hitting a surface or being distorted by … Continue reading Wolfgang Tillmans – Freischwimmer – Similarities to the Underwater World

Tim Simmons – Artificial Light in the Environment

Tim Simmons creates photos combining artificial and natural lighting resulting in an ethereal tone through the shape of light in the landscape. Light sources emanating from natural locations place them in the unfamiliar, a unknown atmosphere from what we know. Simmons has been photographing since the late 90s, working as a commercial photographer until 2005. … Continue reading Tim Simmons – Artificial Light in the Environment

Audio Art – Serenity and Various Artists

In this blog post I look at three different pieces of underwater audio art. Each with their own unique styles and methods for creating immersive sounds, natural and artificial. I continue my research into hydrophone artwork as it inspire my own artwork for the short film I am creating. The first art piece is by … Continue reading Audio Art – Serenity and Various Artists

Joanna Lentini – ‘A Wild Life’

Joanna Lentini's work is based in the great outdoors, exploring above and below the waters surface. Regularly exhibiting and writing about experiences and adventures, Lentini also works to reconnect people with nature through 'A Wild Life', presenting nature workshops and conversations to entice the exploration of nature. Figure 1 'A Wild Life' keeps a regularly … Continue reading Joanna Lentini – ‘A Wild Life’

Presentation Ideas

I plan to present the project over a period of time and through multiple media outlets including, exhibitions, dedicated website and mental health related companies. I've considered social media but that is still on the fence for effectiveness of experiencing the content. Nearing the end of the year with 4 months to go, physical exhibitions … Continue reading Presentation Ideas

Quick Review of Short Films/Videos

In this blog post I look through short films about photographers I have great admiration for. As part of creating my own short film I am looking to learn more from viewing others work, to create effective stories and methodologies in creating that. 'Black Moon' Trent Mitchell & Robert Sherwood 'Black Moon' takes us into … Continue reading Quick Review of Short Films/Videos

Ambient Audio vs Artificial Audio

Classifying ambient and artificial audio. Ambient audio is audio of the scene being shown, one that is associated to it. Artificial is audio that is added to the scene afterwards and not directly linked. An example of this from my last blog post about Guillaume Néry, if you notice whenever Néry swims through the water … Continue reading Ambient Audio vs Artificial Audio